A couple souvenirs from our recent trip to Quebec City:



The grey one (known by breeders as a “sepia”) is a Singapura. The big eyes are a breed standard. The brown one (termed a “ruddy”) is an Abyssinian.

The Singapura was born in February and the Aby was born in April. Neither have names yet – well, actually, we’ve tried out many many names, but nothing’s quite stuck.

They started out being very very timid, but are coming out of their shells now. The Singapura (whom we sometimes call “The Barber” because he likes to groom himself, his brother, and us…) is a bit more forthright. He’s already made friends with Phoebe, and he follows me around the house when I’m getting things ready in the morning. The Aby is shier, but is a darling and will cuddle and purr for long periods of time if you get him under a blanket with you.

You can see a few more pictures of them here.

What with the house getting nearly done, we needed some new excitement around here.

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