Last week’s pictures

We’ve done no work at all on the house since last weekend, and the camera I usually use is still not working, but I had another reason to try out Michael’s fancy-pants camera today, so I decided to use it to show you the painting that Robyn and I did last weekend and Monday.

I might never go back to my old, sick camera.

First, Robyn extended our reach on the side of the ell (regular readers might remember this post ).

Here’s what the end of the ell looks like now:

Ell side with the first coat of paint a little higher up

Even more impressive is the front of the ell, where she managed to reach all the way to the top trim (except for that scary little triangle on the left side, over the main house roof):

Ell front with the first coat of paint to the top!

I forgot to take a picture of the front of the house, but that’s all one color now, too, as is the side of the house where the basement doors are:

Basement exterior with first coat of paint

We could probably get a bit higher on the end of the ell with a better ladder, but not all the way to the top. And there’s no way we can do the part over the porch roof or the trim on the top-floor windows ourselves. Well, maybe there’s a way. I just don’t think there’s a way that will make me comfortable.

A week ago, I had a painter come out to give me an estimate on the portions that were as-yet undone. His quote was almost $4000. Hmmmm. Robyn and I painted more and got it to where you see it today. Tonight another painter is due to give an estimate. I have every reason to hope his estimate will be MUCH lower. If it is, he’s hired to do the parts that terrify me. And then I’m confident that I can do the second coat on all the places where we’ve done a first coat.

Oh yes, and the grass on the new front lawn is growing (yay!):

Phoebe and the growing front lawn

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