It takes a village

This weekend, my friend, neighbor, and brave ladder climber, Robyn, took a break from painting her own home to give us a hand with some of our painting. An old hand at painting three-story farmhouses, Robyn has no qualms about going up the ol’ wooden ladder and extending our reach that much further.

With her help, this is how things looked out front by the end of Saturday:


(Also note the straw mulch. We seeded the new “lawn” late last week.)

By noon today, the entire front of the house had a first coat, Robyn had made a lot of progress painting higher on the short end of the ell, and I had put a first coat on the entire unpainted basement side of the house (the first floor is the only part that needed paint). I’d planned to post pictures of those changes, too, but the camera is ill for some reason (likely sick of taking the same pictures over and over again).

Anyway, our BIG thanks to Robyn, and to all of our friends and family who have helped us through this project by lending an ear, a hand, a meal, or a ladder. I really wonder if we could have done so much in the past year without your help and encouragement.

Thank you.

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