Inside job

We thought it might rain yesterday, so we decided to do some interior painting. Of course, it didn’t rain, but it was still satisfying to get some actual color on the walls to cover the primer.

Yesterday, we attacked the entry way and stairway – two areas that we’d never painted since we bought the house — and it showed.

Here are some before and after pictures of the area:

From the top of the stairs, looking down:



From the mud room, looking at the stairs:



From the hallway, looking at the front door (stairway on the left):



Here are a couple more shots, to give a more complete picture:

From the front door, looking at the angled wall where the armoire is (the closet is to its left):


The view from the aforementioned closet to the doorway into the (old) living room:


And, finally, the long view, from the back door straight down the hallway to the front door:


It’s a dark, dramatic color, and a big change, especially in that stairway, which was always white (or, rather, dingy white), but it’s nice and soothing and looks great against the white trim (to be retouched).

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