We’re still here….

This blog has been silent lately. We did a lot of painting and other small projects leading up to my parents’ visit on June 2. Since then, between their visit, the end of school, the depressing rain, and the need to just have some fun for a change, we haven’t done a single constructive thing.

And nothing will be done in the next week, either, as we prepare for various travels next weekend (Michigan and Boston). But we’ll be back at painting in another couple of weeks. Oh, and we have hired someone to do the front grade and steps, so, one of these days that’ll start happening and I’ll be able to post some pictures.

Meanwhile, it’s time to enjoy the house a bit, even though it’s far from what we’d call finished. We lost a summer last year, what with all the packing and organizing and details, and we want to be sure to enjoy this summer a lot more. So, more hiking and less painting!

Speaking of last summer – this blog is now officially a year old. When did that happen?

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