Upstairs bath and guest room painting

You might be asking yourself, “Are they still painting?”

You bet we are!

While Laurel was visiting two weekends ago, she helped us do much of the trim in the guest room. This past weekend, I put the second coat of paint on the floor.


There’s still some touchup to do, and we need to finish the closet door, but that room is otherwise finished as far as painting goes.

In the upstairs bathroom, most of the trim is done, the walls and ceiling are done, and we finally did the first coat of the floor paint last weekend:


The floor is a magical violet color (“Vesper Violet”, according to Sherwin Williams) that looks like a light violet in bright day light and turns into a battleship gray at dusk. It’s a strange, almost-not-there color that keeps shifting tone with the light all day. In any case, it looks nice with the other colors and looks a lot better than the beat up green/blue that used to be on the floor.

Today, I’ll finish the trim and put on the second coat and that room, too, will be done!

We’ve now received two estimates for the front retaining wall/steps. We’ll make a decision this week and get onto the schedule. The back door and access via the porch are fine, but it’ll be nice to bring groceries in through the front door for a change.

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