Like watching grass grow

That’s how subtle and slight the changes are these days.

Mostly what we’ve been doing is painting, spreading grass seed, picking up rocks out of the yard, and, yes, watching for the grass to grow.

What? You want evidence? Ok…

Here’s the second coat of wall (and ceiling) paint in the upstairs bathroom:


What’s left to do is the trim (white) and the floor (I think it’s a bluish/violet color, but I honestly can’t remember right now!).

Here’s the first coat of paint on the guest room walls and ceiling:


What’s left to do is the second coat of this color, then the trim (white) and the floor (a moss green – the same color the floor used to be before it was traumatized by work boots).

When McKernon did the final grade, they did a “rough” grade, which meant they picked up the largest rocks. That left a field of smaller rocks (pebbles up to watermelon sized). We take a half hour here and there to pick them up and either dump them down the hill behind the house or onto a pile that we’re going to use to cover the septic pump vent:


And, honest-to-goodness, today I was down on the straw, looking for baby grass and I finally saw some!


You’ll probably want to go to the Flickr site to see this picture in a larger format so that you can actually see the darling little seedlings.

This picture also gives you an idea of how many rocks are still left to pick up. We’re paying Hyla 10 cents a rock, but it’s still not going very quickly…

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