Tubs and stove

Eric, our tile buddy, and Chad, our plumber friend, have both visited us in the past week and so we now have two working bath tubs.

Here’s the upstairs tub:


We had chosen a frosted version of the blue glass tile that forms a blue stripe around the shower walls. Whoever did the tile ordering, though, didn’t order quite enough of the frosted blue and we were about 8 tiles short. Eric and I found a box with nine leftover shower tiles, so we decided to use those to complete the tub tiling by placing the glossy tiles in random locations between the frosted ones. It actually turned out nicely, as you can see in this picture:


Here’s the faucet that was installed just today:


It’s funny. We had to choose so many different fixtures and faucets and tiles and this and that — neither Michael nor I have any memory of choosing this faucet. It sure looks fine, but is it what we wanted? Who knows. And who cares at this point! At least it works, and it looks nice, too.

Downstairs, the tub is nearly complete. The tile is installed and grouted (in a sand-like tan color that reminds me of the beach….) and old barn board (from the original ell) is now up on the sides:


The trim still needs to be finished, but this is overall what the tub will look like when it’s done.

Also this week, the wood stove installers returned (again) and got the Morso stove installed:


Of course, they didn’t have a piece they needed to finish installing the other stove, so they’ll be back in a few days or so to complete that. We have no cut firewood to burn yet, and the weather is turning quite springlike, but it’s nice to see at least one stove ready to go when we need it.

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