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Container number 2 was just hauled away about 20 minutes ago:




This one was particularly exciting because the container was well frozen to the gravel driveway. The driver originally pulled up to the side of the container and hooked the chain to a corner and turned the winch on. The container didn’t budge. Instead, the truck was slowly being pulled toward the container.

The driver said he might have to come back, maybe even later today when the ground unfroze a bit more, but, on second thought, he really didn’t want to come back later on, so, instead he drove around to the front of the container (as shown in the first picture above), attached the chains to the end of the container, put the edge of the truck’s bed under it, began to raise the bed and BAM! The container reared up a couple of feet and nearly flipped over on its side. Of course, that was the point when I had my camera in my pocket…

Things calmed down after that and the container placidly slid up onto the truck.

So, now we have a clear (old) driveway:


Speaking of the landscape, I thought I’d share with you how truly lovely the yard is now that the snow is gone:



McKernon will be back eventually to clean all of this up, remove the big rocks, smooth the grade a bit more, and plant grass seed. Until then, though, this is the yard.

When I was outside taking pictures, I remembered that I hadn’t taken a picture yet of this beam:


which is leaning up on the porch, awaiting its transformation into a mantel above the Morso stove. The stove folks were supposed to come this week to install both stoves, but a part was on backorder so we’ve rescheduled to Monday.

Eric, on the other hand, did come by earlier this week to finish tiling the tubs. Here’s the upstairs tub with its blue tile on:


He still needs to come back (soon!) to grout the tile, but this is a good step. The plumber can now come any time to install the faucet. Oh, and that orange (and white) wall will be painted a pale yellow sometime in the foreseeable future.

If you have time read something else, here’s a link to a story Michael found about a couple who is moving a house (in Maryland):

Howard house hits snag in its journey

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