One container gone

Progress here has been in very small, incremental steps these days. With life going on, and boxes everywhere, and head colds and family visits, and… well, we’re lucky we know where the toothbrushes are on any given day.

Still, we’ve managed to continue to do some painting, and are slowly putting away the things we packed last summer, and even took a big load of cardboard boxes to the recycling center on Saturday.

The biggest observable change is that a Lucky’s driver came on Friday and took away one of the two storage containers we’ve been renting:


I also tried to get a picture of it on the truck, driving away, but just then the camera battery ran out. We’re all charged up now and ready for number two to be taken away, sometime in the next couple of days.

Also today, Eric (tile guy) is due back to finish tile on one (or both?) of the tubs and to put the brick facing on the chimneys. It’s a busy day around here because the stove folks are also due to come install both wood stoves. They delivered the Morso a week or two ago, but didn’t have the pipe we needed, so promised to visit again.

The electrician was in last week fixing this and that and getting more things off the list.

I should take a picture for you of the “lawn” as it is today. The snow has melted and it’s a real mess out there. Construction debris, remnants of a fire pit that the crew was using, rocks, garbage, mud. Signs of spring, eh?!

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