Pictures I owe you

As promised in the last post, some of the pictures I owe you.

I’ll work from upstairs to downstairs.

First, here is the shower, with grout and fixture and shower curtain:


and the cherry edging around the vanity (plus toothbrushes and other evidence that we’re actually using the room now):


Next door is Hyla’s room, which now has her bed, a desk, a dresser, and some bookcases:


This view of her desk also shows that the Dragon Fruit wall has a layer of magnetic paint behind it, so that Hyla can put light-weight magnets on the wall (“Magnetic Poetry” type magnets work well, but heavy fridge magnets don’t work):


And her light fixture has little flowers that glow in the dark:


Really, what else in the world could a kid want in a bedroom?

Here’s our room, looking a little bit more like someone lives in it (painting still needs to be finished, though):


and our light fixture, just for completeness:


Downstairs, here’s the light fixture over the dining room table:


The pendants are actually supposed to be twice as long as they are shown. For some reason, the electrician installed only the first set of rods, so will have to put the second set in when he returns.

Here’s a view of the outside wall of the kitchen, with all the parts in place. It certainly looks lived in, now, eh?


Here’s the prep sink, which is in the corner (to the right of the range top):


I love this sink. I love being able to fill a kettle or glass of water while someone else is at the main sink doing the dishes (I also like that someone else is doing the dishes, but that’s another story).

Finally, here’s the Jotul wood stove, in place on the tile/marble hearth:


Tomorrow, the stove folks are coming by to install the Morso stove in the new living room, and to finish the installation of the Jotul so that we can actually start using them before winter is over.

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