Long time no write

I’ve been meaning to post an update for days now, but things are so busy right now (and I’m too sleepy at night!) that I haven’t gotten to it.

So, this one’s going to be a quick text update (pictures take a long time to add on my pokey Internet connection here) and then I will post new pictures as soon as I can.

The big news these days is that we have a move-in date! You heard right. We plan to be sleeping in that house by the night of Saturday, February 25.

As of last Friday, the full McKernon crew is no longer coming to the house. This week, we have a small crew doing some of the last details (kitchen counters, bathroom tile, installing electric fixtures, and other this and that).

By the end of this week, the downstairs floors will be finished (sanded and a covered with a final coat of varnish) and, with luck, the propane will be hooked up so that we can have hot water (cold water is running already!) and can cook on the range top.

We’ll start moving our stuff in sometime next week, and will move the pets and ourselves in by Saturday evening.

Of course, the story won’t end there, because there is a list of other interior details to finish (some for us and some for McKernon), and then there’s that little issue of the exterior work (landscaping, burying some connections to the septic, etc.), but this phase — the one where we don’t get to live at home — will soon be over.

Not soon enough, I can tell you.

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