Things are heating up

First of all, for those who’ve been waiting patiently to see evidence of the painting we’re doing, here are a couple of shots.

Hyla’s room:



We’ve covered three walls and the ceiling fairly well; we need to finish patching the one remaining red wall and then that will be primed, too.

We’ve also primed the ceiling and some of the walls of our room, the ceiling and repaired walls of the guest room, the replastered wall in the old living room, much of the front hallway/mudroom walls, and the new bathroom walls, as shown here:


For those of you keeping track, that leaves the new living room, the rest of our bedroom, the office, the ceilings panels between the beams downstairs, and probably a few other little areas here and there. Plenty to keep us busy for a few more weekends. Maybe someday we’ll actually get around to putting a color over some of these white walls, but, for now, the white looks good to us.

The plumber was in yesterday, putting in some of the plumbing for the kitchen sink


and the prep sink


And Steve put together a temporary set of legs for the range top so that we can hook it up to the propane (supposed to happen today) and have things in working order for the appraiser on Friday:


The real cabinet that’s supposed to go under the range top hasn’t been delivered yet.

With the oven and warming drawer at least placed in their cabinet, you can get a basic idea of what the kitchen will look like:


The best news yesterday, though, is that the oil company finally came to pump the heating oil they had pumped out in September (from the old oil tank) into the new oil tank.

At the same time, they hauled away the old oil tank, which has been sitting out in the yard since the house move:


With the oil pumped in, we can now start the furnace, which means the plumber can also connect the water all over the house and install sinks, toilets, washing machines…

The propane (for the range top and water heater) is due to be hooked up today. If that happens, all services should be up and running by the end of this week. All that’s left to do is the details. 🙂

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