Office space

Up until Thursday morning, this is what the floor of the new office in the basement looked like:


It was a nice, clean, smooth concrete floor, but a concrete floor nevertheless.

After five hours of labor, this is what the floor looks like now:


This is a “Click” style bamboo floor. Click is a non-glue laminate flooring. You “click” the boards together by matching their special tongue and groove edges and applying some pressure.

Underneath the floor is one layer of heavy plastic sheeting (a vapor barrier) and a felted pad (which also has one layer of plastic attached to one side). The pad gives the floor some warmth and some “give”.

This is the first major project I’ve done in the house and it was extremely satisfying. TREMENDOUS thanks go to all who helped me get this floor done, especially to Alix, my incredible friend who gave up a day to do the floor with me. I know I couldn’t have done it without her help. Also, thanks to Travis, Steve, and Stewart, who took turns cutting the boards for us (two at a time) through the day – and who didn’t laugh at us too much.

At the very same time that we began the floor, Michael was busy doing another very important task for the office: working with a local wireless Internet provider to set up the wireless antenna and wiring for the house. The antenna is communicating with a tower on a hill about a mile away (across the valley) and is pulling in a nice, strong signal. When we move back home, we will no longer be on a dial-up connection.

Here’s the antenna, installed at the apex of the valley-end of the house:


High-speed Internet access, at last. I won’t know what do to with all the time it saves me. 🙂

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