Little but significant changes everywhere

Last post, I said we were going to do some painting, and we did, but I somehow forgot to take a picture of that, so I’ll save that for the next post.

Instead, I’ll show you some of the many changes that have happened since last week.

In the new bedroom and living room, the floors have been varnished:



Upstairs, they’ve done two coats. Downstairs, they’ve done one over everything, and will do a second one over all the floors at some point. Yesterday, the guys were really cleaning the downstairs floors up of all sawdust and other stuff, so maybe the second coat will be going on today?

In the upstairs bathroom, the platform around the tub has been completed and the front has been plastered. When the tile comes in, they’ll be able to complete this and add the tub filler.


Also in that bathroom, our old marble-topped table (Michael’s baking table) has been resized so that it’s a standard height and installed as the base of the vanity:


The next step with this will be to tile the top with black Vermont slate tile and insert the white sink and the faucets. This is a wonderful way to reuse this great table. Michael’s friend David made it for him years ago, and topped it with a piece of marble from an old coffee table they had in their apartment. We’re reusing the marble, too, as part of the hearth for the Jotul wood stove.

The white PVC pipe you see will be painted so that it looks coppery.

In the kitchen, the range hood has been installed:


And our old sink has been placed in its spot on the cabinets (it’s not hooked up at all yet, however, just in place):


The hood still needs a vent pipe, and we’re talking to the appliance dealer about why it has some pre-made holes in it for heat lamps when we ordered the one without the lamps, but it’s nice to see it in the right spot.

The sink will get a new faucet (already onsite, along with most of the other faucets and plumbing fixtures we’ve ordered) and new strainer/drain baskets.

Two other little changes —

The old floor boards in front of the front door have been replace:


No more holes for little creatures (and the wind) to come through!

And, finally, the phone company came out to the house and completed the connection from the pole to our house, so we have phone service at the house (though no phone jacks yet, so no one will be taking any calls). Their box is on the electric panel in the basement:


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