Laundry chute

Those of you who are just plain not interested in laundry chutes might want to skip this entry completely. Those of you willing to slog through it will find a treat or two in the following images.

Personally, I find the whole laundry chute very exciting because a) I’ve never had one before, b) I like the idea of not having to lug all the dirty laundry to the basement, c) it’s one of the few bright ideas we’ve had during this whole renovation process, and d) Hyla and I can’t wait to try tossing some stuffed animals down it to see what the ride’s like.

Enough. To the pictures.

In the basement, this is what the exit of the chute looks like today:


This exit is made of metal. Judging by the color, we think if may even be a scrap from our metal standing seam roof (Michael tells me that it’s actually probably a bit of flashing). We assume this will be boxed in by wood to finish if off.

Just upstairs, this is the view from the floor in the first-floor bathroom:


and the beginning of the chase that will surround the chute in that same bathroom:


Upstairs, the chute begins in the hallway closet. It’s a beautifully made box, with a lift-off lid on the top. Treat #1 for those of you who stuck with this entry is this: Hyla’s photo of the chute in the closet:


Sure, it’s a bit fuzzier than my usual picture, but I think it gives you the idea. That white board propped up on the top (on the left side of the box) is the lift-off lid. It’s a nice, straight shot from here to the basement.

My favorite part of the whole chute is this:


A little door that Charlie crafted for us in the upstairs bathroom. Open this door to drop wet towels into the chute that’s in the neighboring closet. I love the convenience of this, and I love the look of that little door. Perfectly matched to the style of the house.

And, finally, treat #2 (which really has nothing to do with laundry chutes): Hyla in the house, in her new pink jacket:


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