Also last week, our new front and back doors were delivered and installed.

Here’s one of our McKernon friends installing the new back door:


The front door is a simple plank door*. The kind of door I’ve always wanted. The back door is also simple and has a window in it just like the old one that used to be there (the one you had to wrestle to open).

The new doors are beautiful — and the new hardware is about a thousand fold improvement over what we had before.

Unfortunately, they arrived unfinished (as we expected), and it was pouring out the day the doors were installed. A quick conversation with the doors’ maker convinced us to take them back down and finish them before they soaked up too much water and warped.

So, we lugged these (very heavy) doors to the rental house and then stained and varnished them.


* In an odd moment of coincidence, Hyla and I were reading Little House on the Prairie last night and we read the chapters where Pa builds their new house on the prairie, including a plank door that looks just about identical to our new door, except ours has metal hinges and a metal lock/latch.

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