Work began last week on installing the standing seam roof on half of the house and all of the ell/addition. This is what it looked like at the start:


The first step was to insert the two wooden forms for the chimneys and then install the roofing on the addition:


The far-right chimney is for the smaller of the two wood stoves (the Morso, which will warm the addition. The pipe for the stove goes through the upstairs room in the addition to help warm that room, too.

The chimney to the left is for the larger wood stove (the Jotul) and the furnace. The larger stove will perform the same function as our previous woodstove: heating most of the house in evenings and on weekends. The furnace is always there as backup to keep things from freezing.

Both chimneys will be faced in brick.

Next, they began roofing the side of the main house that faces the ell (the roof on the other side of the main house has kept its “old” roof on and won’t need to be redone):


They continued on to the valley side of the ell and porch roof:


You can also see the great new deck railing they put up on the long side of the deck. The railing will continue along the far side of the deck and around the corner a bit on the near side of the deck.

Speaking of the deck, here’s a view that shows where our kayaks will probably be stored next year:


And here’s the view off the side of the deck (the same side where the basement doors are):


This is where previous owners of the property apparently threw all the old car parts and washing machines they didn’t need anymore. Cleaning this up is a project for us another day.

Back to the roof, the next picture shows the roof on the porch and valley side of the addition and it also shows the clapboards that have been installed on most of the valley side. The clapboards are cedar and will be primed white as they have been elsewhere, then painted green/grey next spring (probably by us and our willing friends).


The roofing crew worked late last night (until dark), so I imagine that they’re nearly done with the roof on the valley side of the main house.

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