The plumber has been here just about every day since the middle of last week.

A lot of the work in this project is figuring out how to put in the pipes for the upstairs bathroom so that they fit in around the beams in the downstairs ceiling. Here’s an example, which shows the current ceiling of the downstairs bathroom:


When the plumbing is done, they’ll install sheetrock over the pipes and between the beams so that the beams will still show. We won’t see the full depth of the beams in this area, but they’ll still be visible and, since it’s the entry way and bathroom, we probably won’t be staring up at the ceiling in this part of the house that much.

Upstairs, Hyla’s old room is suddenly being transformed into a bathroom. It’ll include all the basics.

A toilet (just to your right as you enter the room from the hallway):


a bathtub (the same tub we had in our original/downstairs bathroom, newly leveled!):


and a tiled shower (in what used to be Hyla’s closet):


There will also be a vanity/sink on the wall to the left of the shower.

Having this room finished is one of the keys to our moving back in, so it’s nice to see some action here!

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