Just in time for the snow, the double doors to the porch and in the basement are installed:



There are still a few unfilled holes (basement windows and a couple other spots), but, in general, the house is pretty well sealed up now against the weather.

Work also progressed this week on the porch. Here’s a view that shows the porch roofline:


This is the last part of the roof that needed to be built before the new standing seam (metal) roof can go on.

Yesterday, the guys put in most of the floor for the porch and began to build the support system for the deck floor.



The porch is perfect. Nice and wide, lots of room for sitting and playing and, since it connects to the deck, we’ll have quite a lot of space for picnics and parties. Even though the porch is fairly deep, the many windows and the glass doors in the new livingroom make the room sunny and bright, even on an overcast, snowy Thanksgiving day.

At our last conversation with Stewart, it became clear that we’re not moving in anytime in December. He says, though, that aiming for January 1 is realistic, so that’s our plan. The owners of the house we’re renting have been wonderful and agreed to let us stay through December, so we don’t have to contemplate an interim move.

We have plenty to be thankful for.

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