Pole position!

Well, we FINALLY have a power pole on the property.


This is a big deal because the house can’t be wired up until the pole is there (and connected to the pole across the street with wires), and there’s no chance of ever moving in without power.

Electricians can’t be here until probably right after Thanksgiving, and the walls can’t be finished until after the electricians are done, and so it goes. It’s definite that we’re not moving in by the end of November and looking pretty likely that the move-in date is now January. The good news, though, is that it looks like January is a realistic move-in date. Stay tuned on that one.

Also going on:

The concrete for the porch/deck supports were poured yesterday, so work has begun on building the porch:


Here’s the view from the end. We chose to make it a bit deeper than the average porch around here (8 feet deep rather than 6 feet deep), so it’s going to be a very nice shelter on a rainy day like today:


Inside, the soaking tub in the downstairs bathroom has been positioned so that we know how much space we have around it:


Over the weekend, we decided to eliminate the half wall that was supposed to be in here (between toilet and sink), and we tested the path from door to toilet (past the giant tub) and it seems like there’s enough room to get around without hurting ourselves.

As always, it’s wonderful to see things being put back together, even though there’s still so much to do.

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