Windows and walls

The biggest observable change last week is that we now have windows in the addition:


along with some clapboard on the front and end of the addition:


With the windows in, the house is now fairly secure against any weather that might come at us.

These windows will eaach have a separate “grille” that snaps into the window, giving the look of the six-over-six old-fashioned windows, but making it much easier to clean the windows.

Outside, preparations are underway to begin the porch and deck. In this picture, you can see the tops of what are essentially big, black, plastic ice cream cones:


The widest part has been buried underground. They will cut off the ends above ground at the correct height, and then pour concrete into them (I’m told that will be today).

Note: You’ve seen these cones in an earlier picture of the addition:


Inside, studs for the mudroom closet are in and, boy, do they look funny. Believe it or not, this doorway is plumb:


This just goes to show what the carpenters have to deal with in an old house like ours.

I guess the plan is to finish things off and hang the door so things look “eye right”. I hope so…

And upstairs, the walls for the bedroom closet have been mostly framed, too:


All in all, things are moving fairly smoothly (except for the kitchen ceiling — which we’re still working on but think we have a solution for, more later…), but the projected move-in date of early November has clearly passed and the next projected move-in date of December 1 is not going to happen either. We’re hoping now that we can be in by mid December.

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