Opening up

Now that the roof and walls are finally sealed up against the weather,


the guys have been concentrating on the inside changes. Right now, most of these changes involve ripping down and pulling out the walls and other parts that need to come away before new walls are put up.

Upstairs, this means cutting away some of the angled supporting posts betweeen the main house and ell and replacing them with other supporting walls so that we can build a closet and hallway between the old bedrooms and the new.

Here’s the view from the new bedroom to the main house:


Between the two doorways, you can see two of those support beams, which I suppose go all the way to peak of the roof. In the left corner, you can see the studs for the new supporting wall going in, where another angled post had come down.


This new structure will allow room for a small closet off of the guestroom (accesible via that doorway you see) and a walk-in closet in the new bedroom.

You can also see that the hallway between the rest of the upstairs and the addition has been opened up. Here’s our lovely model to show you what’s behind hallway door number 1:


This picture was taken from just in front of the the old hall closet (main house).

Downstairs is even more dramatic. The old chimney wall between the living room and old bathroom/pantry area is gone! Here’s the view from the living room into what will be the new kitchen:


And this view shows you the full length (or width?) of the “new” house, from the dining area (just about where the stairs to the basement are), straight through the new center hallway, through the doorway to the addition, and to the back wall of the addition:


I’m imagining Hyla and friends racing from one end of the house to the other via this path.

Finally, the beams over the old bathroom/pantry have been revealed. They don’t look too bad.


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