Inside progress, too

When it’s pouring too much to work outside, the guys move inside and continue to demolish the place (we asked for it, didn’t we?).

These next pictures are from Wednesday, October 26.

In the main house, the brick fire pad that used to be under the woodstove has been removed. The resulting hole will be patched by new (pine) floor boards. The woodstove will stay in this room, but will move to another wall.


And here’s the view from the living room into the kitchen (you’ve seen this view before). This picture shows that more of the central/chimney wall is gone (including the tile that we installed behind the woodstove all those years ago):


The rest of this wall will go eventually, too, leaving one, big, open space that will contain the living room (woodstove room), kitchen, and dining area.

A small part of the ceiling that was over the old bathroom/pantry area has been removed. It looks like a mess up there (ducts, insulation, plastic for what??), but I was relieved to see that the beautiful old beams that go through the dining area are up there and appear to continue nicely to the far wall. We were wondering. You can maybe, barely see one of those beams (behind plastic) in this picture:


There’s been some more work upstairs, too. This is the new hallway extension from the old upstairs hallway into the new ell bedroom.

Right now, this is a hole through a wall where we used to have floor-to-ceiling bookshelves:


There’s still a lot to tear down between here and there, but you can get the basic idea from this picture, I think.

There’s currently also another door into the new ell bedroom. This is from the guestroom:


Apparently, this door has always been there and was once presumably used to move between the upstairs of the main house and the upstairs of the ell, but as long as we’ve lived in the house, the door was boarded up. We suspected there was a door there, but never bothered to pry the door off. (Emily, did you know it was there?!)


The original plan was to just have a solid wall here between the two rooms and to lose the closet for the guestroom (because the closet that used to be there is now the hallway shown above), but when we were there the other day, Stewart had the brilliant idea of leaving this doorway as access to a small closet under the eaves. We love it! We used to have three closets in this house; now we’ll still have three…

Finally, here’s the view from the new bedroom back toward the two openings (guest room on the left and hallway on the right):


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