Much progress! We now have a second floor to the ell. The second floor will become our new bedroom, somewhat of an improvement over the second floor’s previous use (mouse and bat nests and box storage).

Here are views from the back, side, and front of the house, respectively:




That last views shows the new rafters for the roof. The day after I took that picture, they began to put the plywood sheathing over it:


Notice that the new ridgeline is higher than it used to be (compare it with the part of the old ell roof still sticking out of the main house). The old part will be removed and the new roofline will be higher all the way to the house.

Here you can see things filled out even more, with plywood defining the two side windows of the upstairs:


With the second floor accessible (by stepping over a 1-foot gap between the main house and the ell), we could get inside the new room and get an idea of its size and views.

Here’s Hyla playing on the scaffolding. You can see the ceiling rafters that define the shape of the ceiling. This is looking from the entrance of the room out to the side windows:


And here’s the view we’ll be looking out to when we wake up every morning:



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