What’s going on

Apologies for the delay since the last posting. We were busy celebrating Michael’s birthday and then vacationing in Wellfleet, MA.

Just before we left, the McKernon guys were doing their best to pull the front of the house in somewhat so that it would be sitting better on the sill/foundation. We have an old, un-square house trying to fit on a new, square foundation. Here’s a view along the foundation of the front of the house:

Front Sill

They approached this by running a cable from the front to the back of the house (through a hole cut in each wall) and winching the cable in.

The cable on each end of the house was attached to a metal plate:

Pulling it Together - 3

And here’s the cable running across the house:

Pulling it Together -1

We haven’t had a chance to ask yet if this process actually worked, but when we returned from the Cape, the cable and metal plates were gone….

More obvious (to us) changes include the ell beams restored to their ceiling position in the ell/addition:

Ell Ceiling Beams - 1

and most of the decking installed atop them:

Ell Ceiling Beams - 2

which begins to give you a real sense of the size and character of the room.

Also, the walls between the old kitchen/bath/pantry rooms are now mostly gone, so you can get a sense of the kitchen/dining area. This is the view from about where the couch in the TV area used to be, looking toward what used to be the bathroom and pantry:

Kitchen Walls Gone - 1

This is the view from the previous (and future) dining area, looking in the same direction as the previous picture. The blue-tarped rectangle on the left is a new kitchen window. The blue rectangle on the right is the new entry between the main house and the ell:

Kitchen Walls Gone - 2

Finally, here’s a view from the old livingroom (woodstove room) to the kitchen. The wall with tile and brick (where the woodstove used to be) will also come down, leaving most of the downstairs one large, open space:

Living Room to Kitchen

We do plan to move the toilet elsewhere.

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