Catching up

Ok, so we took a little break from blogging after Monday. Can you blame us?

Even though we took a break, McKernon didn’t. The very next day, they began to dig up that beautiful, smooth runway so that they could install the new septic tanks:


and dig the trenches for water, power, and phone lines.

We missed getting a shot of the entire yard made into trenches (or “badger tunnels” as Hyla called them), but this one shows one dug between the old driveway and the barn foundation, which will bring power and phone lines underground from the new pole the power company will erect in 4-6 weeks.


This morning, when we arrived, Mark and Bob were putting the final touches on the cap for the pump station vent, which has been diverted from sticking up in the middle of the new yard.


We think we’ll plant a shrubbery in front of it.

A bit more exciting is the new floor going on to the ell part of the house, shown partially constructed here:


It’s nice to see things being built rather than disassembled for a change.

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