Off the ground

As of Wednesday, the house is off the ground, though still hovering over the original foundation.

Here’s the view at the front door:

Mind the gap

and from the back of the house:

House jacked up - rear

And here are some view of the steel I-beams that are supporting the house, from various angles:

Steel under house - kitchen side

Steel closeup

Steel under house - ell side

House with three holes

These are some more steel beams, but these are special because these have wheels! Somehow, our house will be put onto these beams, too, and rolled ever so gently down the hill.

Steel on wheels

And, of course, progress continues on the new foundation:

Foundation with gangplank


This morning, the basement slab is being poured. After that, the focus will be entirely on the house move through the end of the the week.

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