Commenting turned on

I just turned on the blog’s commenting feature, in case anyone wants to post comments or questions to the blog.

To enter a comment, just click the “Comments” link at the end of any blog post.

4 thoughts on “Commenting turned on

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  1. Doesn’t the house have to move ‘downhill’ to come to ground level from the current foundation?
    So kind of you to provide this entertainment for friends and family. Not sure why you felt you needed to move out for the process however.

  2. Arg! it’s so hard to see these pictures! I still think of it as my house, which is strange, since y’all have lived there longer than I did.
    Still, it will kick ass when you guys are done, cause you’re cool like that.
    Then we will go camping in the backyard and eat smores. πŸ™‚

  3. Peter,

    Actually, they’ve pretty much dug away the whole hill. There’s a bit of a slope, of course, but when you come by, you might be surprised to see how relatively level things are at the moment. I say relatively, of course, but the big hill is GONE!

    Why did we have to move out? We’re sissies….

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