Walls coming down and going up

As of today, there’s nothing left standing of the original ell except for the foundation rocks.

House without ell

The pieces we’re saving are all in a pile, ready to move to the new site for reassembly:

The ell pieces

When they removed the floor of the ell, they discovered (to no one’s surprise) that a part of the house’s sill was rotted away. To repair this, they’ve decided to use a piece of one of the ell floor support beams. We think this is a great idea!

Here’s a view of where they cut the ell beam. The cut exposes some very old wood that’s never seen the light of day:

Wood exposed

The cut section must not weigh that much:

Light wood

Here’s the cut section, being put into place under the house:

Replacing the sill

Just above that spot, notice the post in the wall that’s actually just a log:

Log post

Taking the wider view, here’s the house (with beautiful dumpster in front), which shows the actual size of the house we’ve been living in all these years:

Scenic front yard - 3

The house foundation now has three holes (soon to be four). This is a view into the basement via one of those holes. The picture after that shows a closeup of one of the beams in the basement, still with its bark on.

Basement view

Beam with bark

Over at the new site, the Eco-block walls are rising.

Eco-block walls - 2

Eco-block walls - 3

These will be finished today or Monday. On Monday, they’ll pour concrete into the gaps in these blocks to form the foundation. As of today, we’re still on schedule for the move taking place on the 15th.

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