Lots of activity

There was a lot going on yesterday, all over the place. For one thing, there’s less of the ell now:

Ell - Roofless

Ell - Roofless 2

Ell and House

The two holes in the house’s old foundation are complete on one side. Once the ell is completely disassembled, the crew will make two matching holes on the other side of the foundation.

Foundation holes

Here’s Hyla, showing off her modeling skills while sitting on the steel beams that the house will sit on during the move:

Hyla and Steel

Meanwhile, on the other side of the yard, the concrete for the footings has been poured and the entire base of the foundation is now filled with gravel (for what, I’m not sure). The next pictures show the foam “Eco-Blocks” that will be used to build the basement walls. They assemble somewhat like legos, and provide very efficient insulation and water resistence.


Eco-blocks 2

If you’re curious, you can read more about Eco-Block here: www.eco-block.com

I’m told that today they’ll start building the basement walls and will complete (or nearly complete) taking apart the ell. Also, as of yesterday, the move date is now Thursday, Septmember 15. Save the date!

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